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Oh... My god...

After all this time I've found this app from when I was young... Awesome..

Slow clap

So the ideas and concept were great but the control was badly coordinated and this game is kind of old.

Loved it!!!

It was fun and entertaining for car rides I beat the game and loved it


By: chloekendricksin This game is really slow with the ball and weird


I like this game its cool and aesome game.


Great use of accelerometer technology. This game capitalizes on the strengths of ios! Get it! Tons of fun -btscr

Needs new levels or updates!

The girls love it but it is getting boring, update something new! Unless you don't even read these reviews from your fans...

Fix bugs!!!

You said there was fixed bugs. You could've at least fixed the impossible game bug!!!! It's a very common bug in a lot of games, almost all games have it, and you won't even bother to fix that little thing! Could you please fix this?

I didn't like it.....

Yes the graphics were cool but the actual game was boring, repetitive and frustrating. If you hit the edge of a wall you go back a level so this game was very hard to complete. I only got to level 4. But as soon as I got there I died. I didn't like it. You might but I just wasn't my cup of tea.


Will not even load, goes to black screen....entertaining!!!



Boring repetitive and short

The only thing worse than a bad game is one that wants you to pay for more of it. After crashing the ball you have to start from the previous level. Collating stars makes an annoyingly repetitive bunch of sounds. I literally made my day worse by playing.

More levels please

I agree w/Sarah goolsby ther should be more levels


Its a reasonable game but it only goes to level 5 8|


Haha I like it:) sounds like twinkle twinkle little star kinda


I LOVE this game. It's like Twister but without the sweaty bodies. I can be entertained for hours with this game. GET IT NOW!!


I love this game but don't like how u have to tilt it to go forward

Biiball Lite

Um... First off, you shouldn't have to tilt the phone to roll. Second, why does the score go down? Dumbest game I've ever encountered on the iPhone.

Wat is going we

I got this app yesterday and it's still loading wats going in is this app 1 of the slow 1 I want it of my iPod touch

Stick with it

You will find your groove. It uses all of the motions to move correctly. Sometimes a sharp turn is what you need before you crash. Spend more than 5 mins and you will get it.

Poopy game!!!!

First of all I couldn't even tell u how good this game was bc I couldn't even get it open. I had to rate it 1 star bc it won't let u not rate it a star but I wouldnt even have rated it even 1 star. So I wouldn't waste your time attempting to get this stupid game bc u can't open it thanks for making this poopy game!!!!!


This game is stupid I couldn't make it past the first level. This weird person above me doesn't know what he's talking about

This game is amazing

...there's nothing else to say...


Don't get it's to stupid I deleted it with in 1min of getting it would give it zero stars if I could

Great game

It's a good game but it is very chalenging. I think that the creaters did a good job designing the game.

I love it



Borrrinnggg and the music is VERY annoying. Since I'm nice I gave it 1 star.


I would say make it easier to save your game, and also make the font earsier to read. Fun though! Has lots of potential! Well done, and keep up the good work!


It is a fun game and i loved it so much that i bought the full version. I was disappointed to see though that theres no difference in levels, so you can play forever and nothing changes, so don't buy the full version you will get the very same thing.


Love it

back up

why cant we go backwards?? i like the game but dont understand it..

Love It!

The graphics are awesome, and fun when you're bored! :D

This game

This game should be slot harder and I'm only 7 years old


A little childish but nice


Grate game lots of ball


i dont get it how do u make the ball move faster i kno one way but then its just pointless...

Pretty good and addicting


Great app

I love this app it is so grea if you are a fan of super monkey ball you will love this app! I paid $9 for super monkey and I got this for free and I like it much better! Definetely worth checking out!


Not worth it.

Not worth it

Not a good game. It just wastes your time from better games out there.


The ball moves too slow.

Awesome Game

True, you do loose points really fast but it's so cool all you have to do is tilt it

Great Game

great game if your bored, very fun Ͼ


Very good game with the best use of acceleometer I had ever seen, my favorite game ever on iPod.

Just not Fun

There are better roller ball games out there. A lot better than this one. Bottomline - 2 stars - boring

Has potential

It's bugged and unfinished, can't shoot and none of the in-game menu options work, like it's ignoring touches. Even though it's flawed and so basic, like Cube Runner it still manages to be entertaining for a while. Fairly pretty. Needs much better music though!! Worth downloading to play for a few minutes.

No Jitter's Allowed!!!

BiiBall 3D has one rule in my world-- do not attempt after more than 2 cups of java!! This app tests your responses and no matter how quick you are-you're bound to wipe out along the way!! The 3D darker colors draw you in then along with those brightly colored light points you have to collect-- Whoooa little horsey!! I found myself applying the brakes! I'm grateful this maneuver wasn't on my driving test when I got my license!! Xooniatrueblood

YeahNew update works!

 New update works with iPhone OS 3.1. 

Love this game, but...

It crashes all the time before it even opens. Not compatible with 3.0 update maybe? I'm not deleting, but an update soon would be awesome!

Not working on 3.0

This is a good, fun game but once I went to OS 3.0 it no longer loads.

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